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    • Daniel Wallace
      Callum Elson Hi Daniel, thanks for uploading! I've shared this on our Twitter profile
    • Daniel Wallace
      Ken Dutton-Regester Cool project! Also good choice with the classic Jovi! This could be interesting for art installations in confined spaces. Would this be possible in the future to have a cordless, bluetooh style (like other portable bluetooh speakers)? Could also see this being used in adversting in areas of high traffic and sound competion (like an airport)
      • ISVR Demonstration: Personal Audio Loudspeaker Array
        Daniel Wallace Thanks Ken - there are indeed some goofy applications for targeted advertising in shops. This is slightly different technology, but very effective - standing in one spot and suddenly hearing "go on, buy some bananas" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HGln6ooGyg
      • ISVR Demonstration: Personal Audio Loudspeaker Array
        Daniel Wallace There are some physical barriers to making very compact arrays, like the size of a conventional bluetooth speaker - the smaller the array, the harder it is to control low frequencies, with long wavelengths. If the speakers are very close together, and you play some of the speakers out of phase (this is required for cancellation) the low-frequencies cancel out altogether, so everything sounds "tinny". The advantage of small arrays is better control at high frequencies - the closer the speakers are together, the higher frequency beams you can produce.

        I've made a prototype array that is pretty much self-contained - it just requires a power input and USB audio from a computer - it's about 35 cm wide, and this is getting close to the limit where you can reproduce reasonable sounding speech.
      • ISVR Demonstration: Personal Audio Loudspeaker Array
        Ken Dutton-Regester This is super rad- is that audio spotlight working through a speaker waist level (where the bananas are) or is it positioned above the circle (shooting sounds down). I could see this being awesome for art installations too/ got a bit of an idea around this. I've been moving closer to science themed art installations with my new business (www.excitescience.org). Keen to know more, I'll send you a DM.
      • ISVR Demonstration: Personal Audio Loudspeaker Array
        Daniel Wallace It's hung above the circle, facing down.
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    • Emily King
      Callum Elson Emily - we have an event coming up on the 21st about a similar topic, which you might enjoy! The details will be available later this week.
    • Emily King
      Hassan Mahmudul Really enjoyed this talk. Can completely relate to the struggles of starting a business for the first time and kudos to Jess for her entrepreneurial mindset and hustle.
      • Falling into Entrepreneurship | PhD Candidate Jess Marshall Zoom Call
        Emily King Thanks Hassan. Really happy to hear you enjoyed it and found it relateable. Did you start a business too?
        Would love to hear if you have any suggestions for how I could improve content
      • Falling into Entrepreneurship | PhD Candidate Jess Marshall Zoom Call
        Hassan Mahmudul Haha yes I founded Scientistt and also founded an eco-friendly clothing business for university branded clothing. I think your content is great, especially your energy as a host. The only thing I might change is maybe reducing the length of the videos a bit? Our generation has very short attention span and accustomed to short podcasts and videos so that's my reasoning but you might know better based on the analytics on how many viewers complete the video.
      • Falling into Entrepreneurship | PhD Candidate Jess Marshall Zoom Call
        Emily King Of course! Whoops, my bad. The eco-friendly uni-branded clothing sounds great too! Good on you
        Thanks for the feedback re: content and my hosting skills. I agree shorter content would get more engagement. If I were to take this on as a regular, proper project, that's probably the first thing I'd change. Good to know you agree
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    • Emily King
      admin Great initiative Emily! Is this something you plan to do regularly? - Hassan
      • Zoom Call Euan Black - Social Innovation & Organisational Development
        Emily King Thanks Hassan! Tbh I'm not sure. I'm doing some personal career networking atm but stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne require that it's all via Zoom. It's a unique opportunity for me to share some of these discussions with other PhD students
      • Zoom Call Euan Black - Social Innovation & Organisational Development
        admin We are currently working on having a mentoring feature for PhD students to connect with individuals from industry to potentially get advice and insights. It would be great to hear your thoughts as part of our market research so let us know if you are interested helping us shape this.
      • Zoom Call Euan Black - Social Innovation & Organisational Development
        Emily King That's a great idea. Might be worth googling IMNIS if you're not already familiar with it. Happy to share my thoughts if you think it might be helpful. Another zoom call! Haha
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    • Ken Dutton-Regester
      Callum Elson Another great video Ken. I wasn't very clued up on 3MT or Famelab due to my non-STEM background, but since your last video I've been watching loads on YouTube!
      • How to improve your Three Minute Thesis (3MT) or Famelab performance | Presentation skills for PhD's
        Ken Dutton-Regester Yeah there's some good content out there. And there short, snappy and to the point!
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    • Ken Dutton-Regester
      Daniel Wallace How about some tips for researchers entering a Three Minute Thesis competition - where we can't afford long pauses and we aren't allowed props? ( https://threeminutethesis.uq.edu.au/about)
      • How to Present Your Science Better Part 2: Props, Pauses and Questions
        Ken Dutton-Regester Funny you said that! I was thinking about doing a video series on the 3MT/ Famelab presentations (my wife is making her one now). I'd argue that you can (and should) afford long pauses in a 3MT- if you can't do this, you've got too much content or trying to get through too much. On props- yeah 3MT is one of those ones where you can't, so here you want to focus even harder on your performance and hand gestures. You can convey a lot of stuff with your hands. I'll try and pump the 3MT ones out quick as I imagine every one is starting to do their rounds around the world?
      • How to Present Your Science Better Part 2: Props, Pauses and Questions
        Daniel Wallace The embargo for the internal heats has just been lifted on mine - post coming soon!
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    • Ken Dutton-Regester
      Ken Dutton-Regester New video up everyone! I know I was nervous when I had my first media interview. I've since done quite a few, so I thought I'd distill the process to go through so that your prepared and confident the next time you find yourself being asked for your expert opinion by the mainstream media. Also trust me, you will get asked at some point. I did my first interviews in the 3rd year of my PhD.