How Rosiland Franklin's Photo 51 Changed Biology

Posted by Nichole Lewis
#WomenInSTEM Hi everyone! Rosalind Franklin's 100th birthday was last Saturday (July 25th, 2020) so in celebration of that I made a video covering her work on DNA and how important she was to the discovery of its structure! Like, subscribe, and comment if you have questions about this video or anything biology related. Thanks for watching! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Video Editing by Ivan Pandev Animations by Ananya Singh (Instagram, Website ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resources and Links to Images:,on%20the%20structure%20of%20DNA.,%22%20(McGrayne%2C%20326).,use%20of%20X%2Dray%20diffraction.,diffract%20into%20many%20specific%20directions. Citations 27,28,29.
Posted Jul 31
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