Falling into Entrepreneurship | PhD Candidate Jess Marshall Zoom Call

Posted by Emily King
Hear Jess’s story of unexpectedly combining her passions - theatre & science - to start a business! I’m Emily - a confused PhD student seeking career options based on shifting interests. I’m sharing these conversations so you can also explore your options and learn some industry insights along the way. I want to highlight Jess’s story because I find it very inspiring. I also want to commend Jess for speaking so candidly about issues many of us face in the shadows. Jess Marshall is a PhD Candidate at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Today we discussed topics including: * Jess’s career and personal journey - science party business and now, science-themed clothing/accessories! * The pressure of being a first-generation academic * Drama classes to build confidence * Learning to say “no" * The myth that a scientist *should be* a certain way * The beauty of bringing (and recognising) your unique talents to intersect with your career * Falling into entrepreneurship * Facade vs. reality - the struggles role models face behind the scenes. Jess opens up very honestly about her struggles. * Mental health & the PhD - the importance of support * Challenging the stigma of taking time off a PhD Resources and mentions: * My Mini Scientist - website: https://www.myminiscientist.com/ | Fb: https://www.facebook.com/myminiscientist/ | Insta: https://www.instagram.com/myminiscientist/?hl=en * @prettyparcel - Fun and bright limited edition Women's clothing made in Australia. * @kenziecollective - Your one-stop-shop for vibrant & colourful earrings * @whimsykaleidoscope - Unique and playful designs, Surface designer/illustrator * @designsbyemmah - handmade bags * @dreamalittlecreations - magical pinnie dresses for littlies * @pineandappleaustralia - handprinted clutches and accessories * Helen O’Grady Drama Academy * Diploma in TV and screen acting - Tanya Powell academy * Voices of Academia - improving mental health and wellness in academia by giving you a voice @academicvoices
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