How to improve your Three Minute Thesis (3MT) or Famelab performance | Presentation skills for PhD's

So your doing a presentation (maybe it's a 3MT, Famelab, or for a conference), how do you make sure your physical performance is the best it can be? What should you wear? How do you deal with nerves? What do you do once your on stage to ensure your presentation is engaging? In today's video, we're going over all of the above! These tips will be able to help you out in any presentation or performance. Time points below if you need help with certain sections! 1:26: What to wear 1:31: Be conscious of what your outfit is saying to the audience 2:14: Stand out by wearing something different 3:40: What to do if you sweat a lot 5:10: Dealing with nerves 5:52: Arrive early to the venue 7:41: Doing a digital performance? Quick tips 8:55: Have a bottle of water on hand 9:17: Slow your heart rate down by focusing on breathing 10:02: Go to the toilet before the session starts 10:53: Being on-stage 10:58: Pause before you start 12:17: Increase your energy levels 13:56: Be aware of your pace If you missed part 1: How to do a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) or Famelab | Don't make these mistakes, head here: If I missed anything, or you have any great hacks, make sure to include them in the comments for others to try out
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