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Scientistt Virtual Networking

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  • 54:00
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    Science communication, or "SciComm", has become increasingly important to researchers of all levels. However, it can be very challenging, especially if you don't know where to start. Here we get an introduction to the field from Ki-Young Ki...
  • 34:21
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    The feeling that we don’t belong is surprisingly common in research. However, there are ways we can overcome this; with Ramon Misla David.
  • 45:42
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    Adriana is a former bench scientist who has transitioned into science policy. She is a Principal Legislative Analyst in the University of California Office of Federal Governmental Relations and an expert in helping students transition into ...
  • 37:35
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    Academia to Industry. There is so many routes, perspectives, experiences and possibilities to consider.
  • by admin
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    Twitter is a tool used more and more by researchers around the word, but how can you maximise your presence on the platform? Graham Soult is a professional c...
  • by admin
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    What does it take to transition to a career in science communication? We are joined by Ed Pinches, Science Media Officer at Alzheimer's UK to share his exper...
  • 51:35
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    Where academia is concerned, mental health statistics are not the most positive. In light of her personal experiences and those around her, Wendy Ingram started Dragonfly Mental Health, a non-profit committed to cultivating excell...