Friday 14th August @ 4 pm BST

The feeling that we don’t belong is surprisingly common in research. However, there are ways we can overcome this; with Ramon Misla David..

About this Event


Imposter Syndrome is one of the biggest problems that those in academia suffer with. But, there are some ways in which we can make things a little easier.

As the majority of physical networking events and conferences have been cancelled or postponed for everyone's safety, we want to give members of the research community the opportunity to get together in a safe way to connect with one another.

What it's all about


We'll be using Zoom - and the attendance will be strictly limited. That means we won't be in one giant conference call, but a slightly smaller group where we can actually communicate.


The event will have its own exclusive Scientistt Group, so you can continue your connections with ease into the future. This will provide you with a platform for collaboration and discussion.


It goes without saying that using technology to stay in contact is a way to help support one another. Virtual Networking is not about testing your academic level or requiring specialist knowledge - we are totally inclusive.