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  • Emily King Hi Everyone! Off the back of the Scientistt founding members suggesting an introduction... My name is Emily, a part-time biomedical PhD candidate at Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute in Melbourne Australia. I'm super new to this platform and still finding my way around. However, I'm currently exploring career options both within and outside of academia and sharing the resulting videos here. More senior academics and industry employees have a lot of experience and insight they can share with undergrads and grad students. Given the necessity of zoom in the covid-19 climate for networking discussions, I have a unique opportunity to share some of these insights by recording and sharing zoom calls. If you would like to prepare yourself for some of what may soon come your way, please give them a watch or listen. I'm also open to suggestions!
    Jul 16

  • Alexander Thom Hi all, its been a while since I posted on here, so I thought I would re-introduce myself! My name is Ali and I am a 3rd year chemistry PhD student at the University of Glasgow. My main research interests revolve around materials chemistry for real-world applications!! If you want to hear more about my research and, more about me, please feel free to listen to the most recent Scientistt podcast and check out my scientistt page and twitter page (@AlexanderThom5). I'm also coming to the end of my PhD and will be looking at life post-PhD in a blog that I am to start in the not too distant future. The blog will hopefully be an honest account of my journey from my PhD to life after it, which I hope people will enjoy!!
    Jul 16

  • Saheed Lateef Hi all, Please who works on Lithium-ion-battery? Let us connect. Thanks.
    Jul 8