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  • Rebecca Smith I am so excited to be part of this wonderful initiative with wonderful National Geographic Explorers from across Latin America. We originally met through the online National Geographic Explorers community forum. All actively involved in small, grassroots, community-based organisations and worried about how we would weather the storm of COVID-19 when much of our funding was based on field courses and international travel, we began sharing ideas of how to creatively support one another and our partnering communities across Latin America. Our discussions quickly turned from intimidating to inspiring - launching us into what is now the Virtual Field School. This Certificate Course is aimed at interdisciplinary social science and humanities students who are interested in sustainable development, nature conservation, and socioecological change. The inception of the idea, and the heart of all of our work, remains the same: to support our local community partners towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Therefore, 100% of our program fees will be donated to the non-profit organisations that we care so deeply about, helping them to weather the storm of Covid19 and continue their important work into the future. The class is filling up quickly! Learn more and enrol now at www.virtualfieldschool.org
    Tue at 12:56 PM

  • Eleanor Sheekey Hi everyone! I am a first year PhD student at CRUK institute, part of the University of Cambridge. I am interested in p53 and cellular senescence. I'm also a YouTuber and make a variety of science-related videos normally regarding aging, futurology, book reviews, biotechnology companies and of course cellular senescence. This video will tell you a bit more about myself!
    Jul 16

  • Kerry McPherson Hello fellow scientists, I am Kerry Silva McPherson, a PhD candidate in biomedical science at UCONN Health. I study translesion synthesis, a DNA damage tolerance pathway implicated in cancer chemotherapy resistance. I love conducting science, but I like communicating it more! I am the creator of Bolded Science, a collaborative blog that takes blog pitches from any member of the scientific community. Check it out here: https://www.boldedscience.com/
    Jul 16