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Screening Scientist

Job Description


PhoreMost® are looking for talented and innovative scientists to join our functional genomic screening team and support our revolutionary discovery campaigns. We have developed a next-generation, high-throughput screening platform called SITESEEKER® to identify the best new targets for future therapy and the mechanisms to drug them. Our technology is positioned to massively expand the diversity of novel therapeutics for several key diseases of unmet clinical need – we are drugging the undruggable.


Who we are:

We are a biotech located in Cambridge, UK that seeks to open up new ‘druggable’ target space using a cutting-edge approach called PROTEINi® (protein interference). This technology has the ability to identify hidden, or cryptic, drug sites in disease-relevant proteins, and then target those sites with first-in-class small molecule or biologic therapeutics.


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Plan and perform pooled functional genomic SITESEEKER® screens for internal or collaboration projects
  • Develop and validate novel assays and technologies suitable for screening
  • Assist in the project management of screening programmes to ensure that technical, scientific and reporting milestones are met
  • Obtain or define new cell models and perform rigorous assay development experiments to establish optimal screening conditions
  • Design and execute target validation analyses to confirm hits identified from these screens in secondary assays and progress them towards drug discovery



  • PhD or higher in life sciences with at least three years subsequent research experience
  • Outstanding molecular biology expertise including in cloning and PCR
  • Outstanding technical aptitude in mammalian cell tissue culture
  • Good team player, enthusiastic, exceptionally driven and actively seeking to learn and develop
  • Demonstrated capability for successfully and independently balancing the requirements of multiple projects at any given time
  • Attention to detail, structured thinking, consistent and reliable, excellent communication
  • Committed to the pursuit of new therapies for critical unmet clinical need


Desired additional qualifications (but not required):

  • Experience in pooled functional genomic screening (e.g. shRNA, CRISPR, GeneTrap)
  • Proficiency with lentivirus or retrovirus tools work and flow cytometry expertise
  • Demonstrated experience in the field of proteostasis or targeted protein degradation
  • A good understanding of statistics and data handling skills (e.g. R, KNIME etc)
  • Industry experience is HIGHLY Desired


Time: This is a permanent full-time, laboratory-based position.


Please Email your CV and a cover letter addressing the requirements for this position to or apply via the LinkedIn portal.


You must be eligible to work in the UK to apply for this role



Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Charli Howes