Dear Ladies, LET THEM KNOW!

  • If you wonder, what we should let know and to whom, the answers are below. Before that, let me show you two scenarios and after that let’s proceed.

    Scenario 1:

    A guy told his friend: I went to meet that X woman scientist and she was so rude. She was not even ready to listen to what I wanted to tell and abruptly cut the conversation and she left. She said, she would discuss tomorrow. Why can’t she even spare five minutes? Arrogant!

    Scenario 2:

    A woman told her friend: Today was a horrible day. The first day of my period and I had terrible cramps. And from the morning there were meeting after meeting till evening 6. My stomach pain was uncontrollable even for pills added to that headache and nausea was making my condition worse. I didn’t even get time to change my pads as there was a visitor after the other. Everyone was hurrying to get their job done from me. I was tired and exhausted from handling the pain in the stomach with a smile and when I wanted to use the restroom, then came a guy to discuss an idea. I was done with pleasing others as my stomach was aching so hard and I told him ‘no’ to his request and told him to catch up some other time. I left, but now I feel bad about my behavior! What would he think of me?

    He might think I was not passionate about science or I have a bossy attitude or I was not well mannered! But actually, I was helpless!

    So, now whom do you think is right? The guy/ the lady? Both are right in their own way! The guy had no clue what that lady was going through, so her behavior appeared arrogant. The lady acted so, out of her inability and so much tolerance. Yet, she might have told him that she was on her periods and everything would have been fine. So, is it her fault?

    No, it is not her fault, but the fault of the society and its taboos.

    Yes, the communication gap made a simple situation a crisis there. If he was aware of the fact that she was on her periods, this situation might not have become so much complicated to both. But, society teaches girls not to reveal about her periods to men and she is made to feel her body changes as some sin. We live in a society where working women are accused of their periods and the mental and physical pain they undergo.

    People should understand, the off women ask during periods is not an excuse but demand from their body. No woman would  prefer period cramps over work.

    People think women escape or overdo on their periods and escape from work. To those people, if periods was so easy and an escape space, then there would be no topic of discussion. The period is not easy, it’s blood and pain! Women bleed and cry.

    What could be more worse- she is demanded to be calm, composed and fake a smile when she is breaking inside with cramps, nausea and mood swings!

    Yes, pain can’t be shifted and eased, but what could be at least done, to not add mental trauma to the already suffering physical lady is to break the stigma! Yes, a period is something like a fever or headache. None of the guys is ashamed to tell he has headche, then why women should be ashamed of period cramps? So, let’s speak it out. Let’s make guys know. Not all guys are judgemental, the majority of them understand. The problem is we don’t let them know as described in the first told case. The communication gap due to societal norms puts great pressure on women.

    Who can bring the change? Only we, women who suffer can bring the change we want.

    They tell, if they don’t give, snatch it. Yes, let’s snatch the right we have. Let us break the stigma- let’s speak and let them know!

    Let’s normalize periods in the workspace. Dear ladies, if you have a  name board on your table, with your designation, then place the below-said name board in the image too on your table!

    If society respects your designation then it’s equally important for it to recognize your pain!

    Let’s make the change. Let us create comfort for ourselves! Let’s share stories of struggle we undergo every month.

    LET THEM KNOW......thunder.png