128 Days Later - Scientistt Update


    March 21st 2020, just two days before the UK entered ‘lockdown’ amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we officially launched the Scientistt platform, opening the community to students and researchers from around the world. Now, 4 months on, we wanted to take some time and fill you in on how things look today. 

    Our Team

    We’re delighted to still have the founding team in full strength - with Hassan (Founder & CEO) and Callum (Marketing) both graduating from their respective degrees this summer. Finishing these studies has meant full attention has turned to Scientistt, with Hassan focusing mostly on developing the platform and Callum growing the community. 

    Our growth has also provided an opportunity to expand the team. For the last month we have had three brilliant interns bring their skills to the group; Mariam, Hayley and Oli have each taken on roles in content engagement and marketing strategy. It’s been fantastic to have their input! 

    In addition, we’ve implemented and grown our Ambassador network too. To this point we have 11 talented individuals on board to represent Scientistt at their institution, all from different regions around the world. This network is proving invaluable! 

    The platform 

    Scientistt.net has come a long way since the first beta version was launched for testing in January. In fact, even since launch in March, much of the interface is unrecognisable from what it once was. Upon feedback, we’ve updated the navigation bar and added an ‘explore’ menu for our members - this makes it much easier to get around! 

    The biggest changes however, come in the form of the new features we’ve adopted over the course of the last few months. Here’s a short summary … 

    Virtual Networkingweekly events that allow members of the community to meet one another, as well as link-up with an industry professional to gain personal insight and advice. 

    Podcast → in just five episodes, we’ve already interviewed two guests that have verified Twitter accounts! We allow academics to expand on their new research and let activists and thought-leaders express their opinions on current events. 

    Jobs → slowly gaining popularity, our job board gives members the opportunity to find and apply for relevant positions in their field, and gives a chance for institutions and companies to advertise to a very talented audience. 

    As it stands, we have just over 1300 members from a variety of universities across the globe. This has kickstarted our effort to work with other exciting platforms and companies that can add value to our own community, in order to give members something very special, that they cannot get elsewhere. Stay tuned for this! 

    Our socials

    After surpassing 2000 followers last week, the Scientistt Twitter account has now gained approximately 836,000 impressions, which we’re really proud of. We’ll have to do something special when we hit 1 Million! 

    Interaction and engagement has been great, and we’re often humbled by the level of support that people are willing to give towards our venture. As we are becoming one of the larger or more active accounts on the Academic Twitter circuit, we are trying to give back to members of this community through free giveaways and competitions. 

    We’re always willing to collaborate and support other social media accounts, so just get in touch with us! 

    The future

    Big things are on the way. We have a few developments up our sleeve that we can’t publish right now, but it will be worth the wait! Our ethos and goals have not changed; we want to create the go-to networking platform for students and researchers around the world. 

    The dream? At conferences, you won’t be asked if you have a Twitter or LinkedIn profile. Someone will ask if theycan  connect with you on Scientistt. You won’t be shocked, because this will be normal.