We've Grown! Meet the Team

  • As our community grows in size, we need to make sure that we keep up with things! In order to increase our content curation and creation, user engagement and expanding partnerships, we’ve brought some new members on board to help! 

    Each of our new team members has a unique skill set and perspective, as well as holding a formal educational background outside of STEM - which we think is great! This way, we intend to continue our journey in creating a networking platform and passionate community of students and researchers, that is like no other. 

    Take a look at the introductions below to get to know the team! 



    Hi, I’m Oli, an Aberdeen Uni graduate, aspiring Science Communicator for language in the UK, and part of the content team at Scientistt. Communicating knowledge with the broader public is, in my opinion, one of the most important things any sort of specialist can do, both for their professional community and for the wider society they exist in. To do this effectively however, specialist fields such as the research community need to be as connected, collaborative, and transparent as possible, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Hassan and Callum on the Scientistt platform.


    Hi I’m Hayley and I am new to the team here at Scientistt. I am an avid baker, a casual walker and always and forever FRIENDS fan! I also love reading and have an ever-growing bookcase. I am a very creative person, I always have been, and this has lead the direction of my life so far. I’ve studied design throughout my education, resulting in graduating in Interior Design from Northumbria University, and now I am working on completing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing; which is what lead me to joining the team at Scientistt. My main focus whilst here will be on content creation and marketing, starting with launching a new podcast to be featured on the website with my colleague Mariam. My aim within this role is to contribute to expanding Scientistt by exploring new and innovative ways we can connect the world of science to research professionals and students, and I am excited to see what the future holds!


    Hello, I’m Mariam.

    A little bit of history about me! I have worked in journalism for many years as well as publishing my own blog. Through this I have been asked to appear as a guest on many platforms such as BBC Radio and Buzzfeed.

    I studied Politics and Sociology at the University of Leeds for my undergraduate BA where I graduated with a 2:1. My areas of interest focus on contemporary and historical social issues regarding sexual violence, feminism and armed conflict. As well as working with Scientistt I am also an MA student for the University of York where I study Women’s Studies. My dissertation will continue the theme of sexual violence in armed conflict where I will focus on UN peacekeepers and how they can abuse their position of power.

    I am really excited to network on Scientistt and my roles including debuting the podcast, where I interview guest speakers on various topics. I am also doing work with networking where I increase SEO by blogging for the site and guest blogging for other top science blogs and platforms.