Writing@home with Dr. WOO

  • This week I entered the final year of my PhD. I can hear you think: ‘Are you sure that it will be the final year?’, but yes I am pretty sure I will hand in the thesis manuscript next year before April. This is not all work is done and for sure not because all experiments are finished by that time. Due to all the ‘writing’ (read planning to write) I have been doing since our ‘intelligent’ lockdown started, I realized that I can already make enough chapters to finish my PhD. However, I would need more time to publish the data and to perform rebuttals… So I asked my PI if I could continue after handing in the thesis as a post-doc for six months, an idea he immediately agreed too.

    So basically I would need this lockdown to write almost everything (or at least start writing the most important parts. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t mean that writing comes easy… Especially not when writing is the only think you really need to do. I also realized that I am suddenly taking feedback a lot more personally then when I am in the lab the other days. This might also be due to the fact that some of my written work returns within one day, where you normally have some more time to let it go.

    Receiving one of my manuscripts filled with so many comments that you could no longer see where they were placed in the text also didn’t really help… To deal with this I decided to set timers and only work on it in blocks of twenty minutes. After these blocks I called with fellow PhD friends or distract my boyfriend from his work. After a break I would continue for a new block including some fresh coffee and lots of chocolate (which we surprisingly run out of very soon&hellip. Halfway the manuscript I started to feel a lot better, because the amount of comments decreased. But then I received a message telling me that this part would receive feedback in the new ‘clean’ version… However, I did make it threw and indeed the manuscript greatly improved. I am pretty sure my boyfriend was as relieved as that I was when I finished \ud83d\ude09.

    Due to all this I did speak a lot of friends this week with video chat to vent of a bit and cheer each other up \ud83d\ude0a On the Thursday night we joined an online Harry Potter themed pub quiz, where even one of my friends from New-Zealand joined our team! I send flowers to my grandfathers and tried to cut my boyfriend’s hair. Just to be clear: this was his idea! It did work out nicely though, so now it’s time for gin-tonics on our sunny balcony!

    Hope you will have a nice sunny weekend!

    Cheers, Dr. WOO

    P.S.: This a re-post of my original blog, find more stories on http://woondrousworld.com/2020/04/11/writing-home-with-dr-woo/