Why is there no Cure for Cancer?

  • In less than one-year, scientists created not one, not two, but three vaccines with over 90% efficacy for Covid-19. Which begs the question, what gives? Why don't we have cures for all our other ailments? After spending billions of dollars on cancer research for decades, where is that cure? Regrettably, there is none. And it's not in a vault protected by the government and big pharma either. The reality is, cancer is extremely hard to treat, study, and understand.

    Infectious disease vs. cancer
    Infectious diseases are easily targeted in comparison to cancer cells. Bacteria have a unique cell wall compared to animal cells. Some antibacterial medications attack their membranes and cell wall synthesis, killing bacteria and minimally harming ourselves. Bacterial enzymes differ from animal enzymes, too. Newer antibacterials inhibit bacterial proteins, leaving our enzymes unperturbed. Viruses are also easily distinguished from our cells. They produce their own distinct proteins and have unique genes. We use vaccines to train our immune system to be alerted to their "foreign" presence.

    But cancer cells? They're a bit trickier than bacteria and viruses.

    What is cancer?

    Cancer is a mass of our cells that have uncontrolled growth... Read more at Bolded Science