Channeling the characters of Schitt's Creek

  • If the Rose Family of Schitt's creek can have their estate repossessed and forced to live in a motel within a one-horse town, you can survive any misfortune your research career throws your way. Rough patches are a given in research. Grant rejections, failed experiments, and criticisms; oh my! So, how do scientists cope during the downturns of the research roller coaster? We have our ways. But if you feel hung out to dry and have difficulty seeing through the fog, it's time to channel some experts at maneuvering through tough times.
    Moira: Reality shifter
    "You are blind to Reality and for that I am most proud."
    Moira is the queen of mental gymnastics. Although she hasn't acted in years and is eventually cast for an atrocious low budget film, no amount of failure can convince her she is anything but a star..... Read more at Bolded Science