Lessons from training for marathons during my PhD: I can do an

  • You learn a lot about yourself in graduate school. The same is true while running a marathon. Signing up for either is a great way to realize your masochistic tendencies. Jokes aside, continually working towards two immense challenges has taught me several valuable lessons that I share here.
    Lesson 1: Don't sign up for everything 
    When I initially became interested in marathons, I scoured the internet for advice. A recurrent tip I discovered is to sign up for two marathons per year. This limit allows the body time to recover and helps me stay within my budget as a graduate student. I can't afford to drop $100 for multiple race entries (not to mention additional expenses for travel, hotel, etc.&hellip. I don't sign up for every awesome marathon I come across (at once) because my legs and my wallet would suffer. 

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