Content for your Coffee Break - A Video Round-up

  • Taking a break from work is an essential part of the day, and so in preparation for some down-time I've pulled together another round-up for you! 

    As always, watch the videos, give your love to the creators, and most importantly: tell them Scientistt sent you good.png


    Ken Dutton-Regester

    Ken is the creator behind Stemventurist, a channel packed with practical advice for the STEM community, with a focus on the skills you don't often get taught during Scientific training. If that sounds familiar then it's probably because that's one of our aims here at Scientistt, where Ken is an ambassador!

    Where to Start?: With cases of cabin-fever at an all time high, Ken's video on Working From Home is a great place to start!

    Where to find them?: Right here on Scientistt! You'll find heaps of Stemventurist content, as well as contacts and links for the man himself


    Dr Amina Yonis

    With a PhD in Cell and Cancer Research, when Dr Yonis talks lifestyle, productivity, and valuable skills, she does it with STEM in mind. Her channel is brimming with great content on cultivating better work practices, and the life that comes with being a research student. As relevant as she is approachable, she's definitely someone you should have a look into!

    Where to Start?: Her video on getting paid your worth. Money can be a touchy subject in academia, but it's always important to know and appreciate the value of both you and your work; it's a more business focused video, but the advice remains very relevant!

    Where to find them?: On twitter! @DrAminaYonis


    Simon Clark

    Climate physicist and content-producing machine, it would be easier to list the things Simon Clark doesn't do, but today I'm suggesting you take a peek at his Youtube channel. It contains a great mix of super-informative videos and easy watching content, so finding something to suit your mood won't be difficult at all!

    Where to Start?: I personally am a big fan of his PhD stories series; they take a look at PhD's in a range of different fields, and consider not just the doctorate, but the life that comes along with them

    Where to find them?: The guy is honestly everywhere, but I'd start with his Twitter - @simonoxfphys


    Three more channels for you! Know of someone who should be featured? Got content you want to share? Drop me a message on Scientistt, or drop me a line at,

    Until next time, stay healthy!


    Content Team