What to Watch this Week - A Video Round-up

  • Being part of the content team here at Scientistt means I spend a lot of time with videos. Since I started, a good portion of my work has been spent scouring the likes of Youtube for top-quality science videos and their top-quality creators, and after many hours of in-depth analysis and study I have come to the following conclusion:

    There is a lot of them. (Rainford,2020)

    To combat this, I've decided to put together a Round-Up for you all, a summary of some of my favorite finds for you to watch and enjoy. Watch the videos, give your love to the creators, and most importantly: tell them Scientistt sent you good.png


    Dr Esther Odekunle

    Dr Odekunle is a Senior Scientist Antibody Engineer with GSK, but is also the producer and presenter on her channel Dr Esther. With a drive to promote under-represented scientists past, present and future, her channel is a fantastic look into the bits of scientific history that you probably didn't (but definitely should) know about.

    Where to Start?: At the beginning! Her video on Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum, Congolese pioneer in Ebola virus research

    Where to find them?: On twitter - @EstOdek


    Greg Foot

    A Science-Broadcaster for the BBC, Greg has been involved with Science Communication for years, covering all sorts of topics for all sorts of audiences. He's in this round-up however because of his recent Youtube Series "Talking Science", an entire Youtube course on Science Communication and all that comes with it, including advice on knowing your audience, using social media, and giving media interviews about your work!

    Where to Start?: You can find the course here

    Where to find them?: On twitter - @gregfoot and on his website



    Created by Dr Nehemiah J. Mabry, STEMedia is a great channel for STEM researchers and students, with a superb selection of live talks, interviews, career advice, and even poetry! The series that caught my eye however was their Words of Wisdom collection, short bitesize videos featuring helpful, insightful moments with professionals working in STEM; they're well worth your time.

    Where to Start?: You can find STEMedia's Words of Wisdom on Youtube

    Where to find them?: On twitter - @_STEMedia


    So there you have it, three channels to get you going! Know of someone who should be featured? Got content you want to share? Drop me a message on Scientistt, or drop me a line at scientistt.video@gmail.com,

    Until next time, stay healthy!


    Content Team